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Choose Your Adventure

A Mobile NFT Gaming Experience


The Story

As civil war rages against the Dark Army at home, an elite team of Legacy Solana Scouts travels through the metaverse in search of refuge.

Along the way, they’ll need to partner with Alien Allies to overthrow the infamous Meta Monsters that stand in the way of freedom.

With your help, the Solana Scouts can complete their mission and secure the future!

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Player Focused

Are you tired of Play to Earn (P2E) games that never deliver real, sustainable value? So are we! That's why we're focused on player enjoyment instead of issuing tokens you can't use.



Stake your Solana Scouts to earn $SCOUT tokens. The more Solana Scouts you hold from each collection, the higher your $SCOUT rewards will be. We call it "Collectible Staking" but you can call it "awesome."


Redeem $SCOUT

The circulating supply of $SCOUT can only increase through staking activity. Use these staking rewards to improve gameplay, unlock secret levels, buy custom merch, and more!

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Gaming Mechanics

As a role-playing game (RPG), each Solana Scouts NFT holder will have a different gaming experience. Play for the good guys with your Legacy Scout one day, and join evil forces with your Dark Army Scout the next. No matter your mood, Solana Scouts will deliver an immersive, expertly developed gaming experience.

Project Roadmap